2013-02-14 08:35 am


I recently became interested in the character of Loki. I was more of a DC fan and wasn't overly fond of Marvel, but I'm starting to have more of an appreciation for Marvel now. For awhile I did read both, but then they killed Multiple Man and I boycotted Marvel for over 10 years-- maybe over 15.

A friend of mine is a huge fan of Tim Hiddleston and kept talking about him. I didn't think much of him from pictures, but then I saw The Avengers and though he did a good job. I'm more interested in the Loki character though. I did see the Thor movie and some of the deleted scenes and read the screenplay for the movie.

I also read some of the Prose Edda and online collections of the Norse mythology involving Thor and such. I have to say, they were some major assholes in Asgard and the mythos is really fucked up.

Anyhoo, I came across this excellent essay about Loki here. It was so good I joined this page thing to comment on it and I plan to blog some responses.